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Frequently Asked Questions

And others that are not so common


Do you have experience in our industry?

It’s possible but I try to show only a few samples of work in my portfolio otherwise it would be enormous.

Part of being a good designer is seeing your industry from the point of view of your potential clients as well as your existing ones.

Acquiring a detached view requires that I ask some questions a five year old might ask. It’s often the case that there is a disconnect between the people in your business and potential clients due in part to language used (acronyms, etc.) and assumptions about what a potential client might understand.

Are you solo or an agency?

I am currently solo but can work with other people for more ambitious projects. I prefer to present an accurate picture of myself; openness, honesty, and transparency are my core tenets.

If the right opportunity comes along I will consider an exclusive relationship.

What is your usual process?

Every client and project is different. Some clients have little experience with designers and in such cases I take time to explain and guide. When working with an agency or experienced client I fit in with their preferred way of working.

When I was making this website I documented some of the process and that can be seen here.

How are you different?

I am meticulous and I do believe that the devil is in the details. Much of a design or brand is not at the forefront of a user's consciousness. They do however sense when things are not quite right and that can mean that they will walk away.

What is your skill set?

I am primarily a visual designer with a traditional art & design education. As well as screen design I have lots of experience of graphic design, branding design and some animation. I design with Adobe XD and other programs and send graphics and specifications to developers. I can start from the blank page or with supplied wireframes.

I am not a full-time web developer – although I did make this website by hand and from scratch – but I have skills in that area and that really helps when communicating clearly with developers.


What type of work do you do?

I can produce bespoke designs and layouts for applications and websites (and static pieces of communication too) and I can make low-cost prototypes and can conduct user testing. I can also work alongside other roles including developers.

What type of projects do you work on?

I usually work on bespoke projects.

There's nothing wrong as such with off-the-shelf or modular do-it-yourself page builders when all you want is a simple website. On the other hand they often look like hundreds of others and aren't particularly unique nor memorable.

What size of project do you handle?

I like to work on projects that take at least a week or more to complete, long enough to make a thoughtful and useful contribution but I am flexible enough to cater for whatever needs you may have.


Can you come to our office?

Coming to your office could make sense if a project is large enough or if some kind of long-term engagement is agreed but we are all learning to work remotely more often and it brings with it the opportunity to work with people who are a great fit for you.


Can you be involved in later parts of a project?

Absolutely. Developers' focus is often more about not missing a vital piece of code that would cause a website or application to break than how a page might appear.

A designer's attention to detail is more user experience focussed and so, where possible, it is useful to have a designer involved throughout the full process to ensure that the project will look and feel as it should.

How do we begin?

Just go to my contact page or send an email to and I will respond very quickly.


Start to finish

Do shoemakers' children have shoes?

Time constraints, non-disclosure agreements, etc., mean that making a record of every stage of a commercial project is impractical. For a more thorough look at a project see how this website (justinwalsh.design) was designed and then updated after user testing.

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