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Copy the location of a file as text

Note the location of a file as text so that you can record it or share it.

This tip is for Apple computers but there is a link for those using a PC (see the dotted box).

Follow the steps and/or view the video below.


  1. Control-click or right-click a file. When the contextual menu appears hover your mouse over the ‘Copy file’ command but don’t click it yet.
  2. Now hold down the alt key (sometimes called the option key). You’ll see that the menu list item changes to include ‘as pathname’ at the end.
    • Now click and that’s it!
    • The file path is now copied into your clipboard and you can paste it wherever you like.

If you are using a PC the trick is almost the same except that you hold down the Shift key as you right-click on a file. This will give you the option to ‘Copy as Path’.

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