07 Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Time saving shortcuts and mysteries solved

Occasionally, I discover a neat way to do something that I think is worth remembering.

If a shortcut saves me a few minutes whenever I use it then it means I get to spend more time doing stuff I like. All of these minutes add up.

Heads up

Most of my tips are for Apple operating systems. If I have information about other systems I will point it out.

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macOS & PC

PowerPoint / Keynote

Extract image and video files at their original sizes from presentations.

Works similarly on PCs.

Have you been given a presentation but need its images to use elsewhere, maybe in a different application?

This tip will help.

macOS & PC

Finder / Explorer

Copy the location of a file as text.

Works similarly on PCs.

Do you need to make a note of where you have stored something or need to let someone else know where a file is?

This tip is easy.



Quickly find a menu item in most Mac programs.

Are you bewildered by the vast number of menu commands in some programs? Can’t see the wood for the trees?

This tip can help you to find what you need.