06 Testimonials


From the good and the great

Justin gave us peace of mind: we quickly understood that all of his efforts are well thought out, skilfully executed and the results are powerfully persuasive. I was impressed with his ability to consider, balance and manage business aims, creative concepts and practical considerations. Any business would do well to have Justin on board.

Nick Wyatt

Managing Director, Accenture Strategy

As we accelerated our growth in the past two years Justin was instrumental in enhancing the extent, power and visual appeal of our brand, for existing and potential clients. Thanks to him, the way we look now matches our maturity and capabilities in the market.

Jordan Wilson

VP – Alliances & Channel, UK & EMEA at Inoapps

Justin is a digital designer who really understands web and UX. His knowledge of various development technologies clearly helps him to design with production in mind, yet he also turns content – sometimes very complex content – into beautiful and user-friendly interfaces.

His clarity of thought and communication are complemented with a very personable character and infectious humour. Justin is a joy to work with.

Allan Fairlie-Clarke

Digital Director, 21six Group

I would recommend Justin without a second of hesitation. He is a very conscientious designer with amazing vision and skill, as his ability to interpret a brief, and then add a touch of sparkle, is superb.

Always on time and a great team player, Justin is respected by colleagues and clients in equal measure. A great chap to have on your team!

Rick Ankers

Founder and CEO of 21six Group